Crime Reports


Neighborhood-Specific Crime Reports are produced MONTHLY by the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Crime statistics are generated monthly by the Oklahoma City Police Department. Each monthly report includes all neighborhoods listed alphabetically within the report. You may need to scroll through pages to get to the desired neighborhood, and you can also search for your neighborhood within Adobe Reader (and you can count on the page number being consistent, within one or two pages, for each month).

Each report includes all neighborhoods where a crime report was filed for that week. Neighborhoods are listed alphabetically within the report.

Printing Individual Neighborhood Reports

Clicking on the document links will possibly bring the document up in your web browser’s integrated PDF viewer that may not show document page numbers.

To work around this, right-click on the link and choose “Save As…” from the drop-down menu.

Save the file to your hard drive, and then open with Adobe Reader.

  1. Once the desired report is located, click “File” then “Print” in the menu bar, or click the printer key.
  2. When the print screen opens, click “Current Page” to print only the page being viewed.


Reading The Crime Reports

Below are some common abbreviations:
FUG FR JUSTIC= Fugitive from justice
DISCH F/VEHIC= Discharge firearm from a vehicle
UTTR FRG INST= Uttering fraudulent instrument (writing a bad check)
POSS CDS= Possession of a controlled substance
DR UNDER SUSP= Driving under suspension
TRES PRI PROP= Trespassing on private property
MTL HLTH INTV= Mental health intervention
INHAL HRM SUB= Inhalation of harmful substance
INJ/DSTR PROP= Injury/ Destruction property
LARC VEHICLE= Larceny vehicle
VPO= Victim Protection Order
Signal 7= Dead body, likely a natural or unattended death
A & B= Assault and battery