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For more than 36 years Neighborhood Alliance has worked side by side with civic and neighborhood leaders to create safe, beautiful and healthy neighborhoods for all.

Corporate Sponsorship?

Interested in becoming a sponsor?
Check out our corporate sponsorship opportunities for Good Neighbor Awards,
workshops and communications.

Each year we work with over 400 neighborhood associations, connect over 2,400 individuals in civic engagement activities and reach over 10,000 households with monthly crime  prevention materials.

Can we count on your personal, corporate or neighborhood gift to ensure that OKC-metro area citizens and neighborhood leaders are supported in their quest to be strong civic partners?

  • $50 allows one citizen to learn community engagement skills
  • $150 gives crime prevention tools to 400 neighborhoods by covering the mailing and printing costs of monthly neighborhood-specific Crime Reports
  • $500 can begin the organizational process for up to five new neighborhoods by hosting a monthly organizing workshop.

If it is important to you and your neighbors to live in a city with safe, beautiful and healthy neighborhoods… and it is important to you that there be an organization that supports the volunteer efforts of neighborhood leaders… then please partner with us today! Your gift of $50, $150, $500 or any amount that is right for you will help create and support strong neighborhoods for all.

Thank you for believing in our city.